What is Megamon?

Megamon is an enterprise class network management tool designed for complex and large scale networks.

Megamon monitors an organisation’s networks and provides real-time visibility of network status to IT staff and stakeholders.

Megamon is especially suitable for highly operational and globally diverse organisations such as Airlines, Banks, IaaS and Saas Providers, or Government.

What Does Megamon Do?

Megamon delivers accurate reporting, incident alarms and email or sms notifications all in real time. Megamon will alert your staff of potential network problems, and help you to identify the root cause.

Megamon automatically discovers and analyses the devices connected to your network. Megamon monitors your networks and provides real time visibility of network status to your IT staff and stakeholders.

Megamon provides multiple views of an organisation's complete physical and virtual network topology right through from ports and devices to networks or physical locations. Megamon becomes a living document of your entire network providing streamlined access to essential operational information.

What are the benefits of using Megamon?

Megamon allows an organisation to:

  • Receive immediate notification when a part of the network is offline or experiencing performance issues

  • Generate reports for a multitude of applications including checking compliance with service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Provide visibility of an organisation's networks to technical or management staff outside of the networking skill set

  • Quickly, easily and completely document their network

Who should use Megamon?

Any organisation with:

  • A complex physical or virtual network environment, or
  • Multiple geographic network locations, or
  • Thousands or Tens of Thousands of physical or logical network nodes.

Any organisation for which:

  • Network availability is essential to the operations of the business, or
  • Network downtime has a high impact on company revenue, or brand reputation
  • Network downtime poses a serious threat to health or well-being of an individual.


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