Megamon Features

A full suite of tools to help you manage your network

Megamon is designed by network engineers, so we've included all the features you need to make your day just a little more pleasant.

Intelligent Escalation

When Megamon detects a potential problem, it uses intelligent escalalation to decide who to contact by email or sms. Megamon tells you what you need to do next, and also integrates with Service Now and Remedy.

Geographic Sites

Megamon connects the nodes of a network to their physical geographic location, which makes it easier to know whether outages are location-based or network-based.

Switch visuals

View a visual representation of a swtich so you can easily see which ports and VLANS are monitored and whether they are up or down.

Mass Update

Megamon makes managing large networks faster and easier. Configure large numbers of devices in one go. Spend less time configuring your monitoring, and more time enjoying what you do best.

Troubleshoot faster

Quickly identify and troubleshoot the source of performance issues and improve your network availability. With Megamon's full suite of network intelligence tools, you'll know your networks like the back of your hand.

Instant Visibility

Does your network span hundreds of physical locations? Unlike other monitoring tools, Megamon shows your entire network from the dashboard giving you comprehensive visibility at a glance. That's a world first.

Tired of being asked the same question over and over?

Meet Megamon, your new personal assistant.

Essential operations information and business intelligence data is easy to find in Megamon. Even staff members outside of the Information Services department can use Megamon to get the information they need.

Megamon answers people's questions so that you don't have to. Now you can get back to doing what you do best.

Features in depth

Everything you need to get the job done.

  • Reduce Noise

    Tired of false alarms or too many notifications? Megamon uses world leading false positive detection intelligence to limit false alarms.

  • Device Groups

    Simplify device management and ensure consistency. Manage devices through device groups that you define. Then customise monitoring, alerting and SNMP configurations for each device group. 

  • Site Information

    Define site details so that during an outage you have quick access to critical information such as the site manager, PSTN lines, network topology documents and the connectivity between sites.

  • Central Syslog

    Megamon maintains a central syslog. This means you can filter from a global view down through site, network and device views, which you can use to diagnose problems and identify patterns.
  • Syslog Alerts

    Create alerts from syslog events. For example, if a particular device issues a particular warning, such as a fan failure, you can have someone be notified. 

  • Real-time Graphing

    Create real-time graphs of single interfaces so you can see what’s happening as it’s happening.
    Create real-time graph reports that show real-time interface throughput for multiple interfaces so you can compare performance. Especially helpful if you make changes to one interface and you want to be sure it doesn’t affect performance. Simply graph it against a similar interface.
  • Customised Dashboard Views

    Create custom dashboards from various components so your environment perfectly suits your needs and workflow. Add external web pages to custom dashboards to simplify your workflow.

  • Proactive Latency Monitoring

    Megamon is proactive. It notifies you if it detects any increased latency, which could be an indication that there might be a problem. 

  • TFTP Server

    Megamon has its own TFTP server so you can send and receive device configuration files, which makes it easier to ensure consistency across devices.

  • Customisation

    Customise what device metrics to poll and report. Then build customised reports. Extend Megamon to suit your specific needs through custom development.
  • Polling Transparency

    Megamon doesn’t require outside tools. Instead, it works off basic protocols, such as ICMP and SNMP. See when pollers are running, how long they take, and whether any polling patterns emerge.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Schedule reports to be emailed on a regular basis so you don’t have to go looking for that information, it comes to you.

  • Switch Monitoring

    Displays online and offline ports, port descriptions, speeds, trunks and VLANs, so you know what’s happening as it’s happening. Visually represents CDP information so you can monitor device connections to other directly connected devices.

  • MAC Address Monitoring

    Links MAC address monitoring back to switch ports to save you time figuring them out.

  • Asset Tracking

    Manages device assets, so you can view and search for switch serial numbers, which simplifies auditing and asset tracking.
  • Maintenance Window Support

    Define once off or regularly scheduled maintenance windows for a selected list of devices so you don’t receive alerts about planned outages.

  • Customise Reports

    Customise reports based on device graphs with defined user periods, so you can create a report for any given time and duration to illustrate performance, uptime history, or other metrics.

  • Ready-made Reports

    Leverage inbuilt reports around host availability, outage events, SNMP. Ready-made reports make reviewing history quick and easy, plus you can choose to customise these reports to your needs. Plug and play report templates allow you to quickly set up reporting across large networks.
  • Physical and virtual connection

    Megamon connects the nodes of a network to their physical geographic location, which makes it easier to know whether outages are location-based or network-based. For example, if a group of devices unexpectedly go down, if they’re all in the same physical location but on different networks, the outage is likely due to power loss or some other physical issue. On the other hand, if the devices were all on the same network but located around the world, the outage would likely be due to an attack or some other network-based issue.

  • Visual Representations

    Megamon provides graphs and maps that give you a detailed overview of your entire organisation, site, device group or network at a glance. Megamon provides a visual representation of how switches are configured for monitoring, so you can easily see which ports and VLANS are monitored and whether they’re up or down.
  • Real-time Updates

    Any changes made to your sites, devices and interfaces are reflected in the Megamon interface immediately.

  • Bulk Updates

    Make bulk changes to a collection of devices at a site, network, or as part of a group so you don’t have to make those changes individually.

  • Faster Troubleshooting

    Organise messages and errors from the system logs (syslogs) by site, network, device group, or device, which makes it easier to see both global errors and to drill down to device-specific errors. 
    Quickly track MAC addresses to a device or switch port to assist with troubleshooting. 
  • TCP Socket Monitoring

    Monitor any TCP ports on a site, group or device basis for connection, content, etc, so you know about any attacks or failures right away. 

  • Alarms

    Raise alarms on monitored switch ports or devices so you’re immediately aware of any issues. Alarms can escalate via sms or email to defined alarm groups. So the right people are informed about an issue as it arrises. Alarms can be defined on a range of indicators including syslog entries, ICMP, disk, ethernet, SSL, and email.
  • Device Details

    See latency for a host over the last 7 days at a glance, so it’s quick and easy to identify trends.
    Configure storage monitoring and multiple alert thresholds, so you’re notified as each storage threshold is reached.
  • Mail Gateway Monitoring

    Configure outbound or inbound email gateway monitoring, with or without attachments, so you can quickly identify increased mail volumes, external attacks or spam viruses.

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