Step 9 - Device groups

Categorise devices


Use device groups to: organise the devices on your networks; define poll intervals, SNMP defaults, and icons; and bind Cacti templates to a group.

Cacti is the graphing engine that Megamon uses. Cacti templates define specific metrics to poll on specific devices so you can graph specific applications in detail. For example, you might want to graph Apache or MySQL statistics. Several Cacti templates that extract specific application metrics from applicable devices are included with Megamon.

Megamon creates default device groups that are common in most organisations. You can set up your own groups or adjust the settings for the existing groups. Polling frequency, alarms, SNMP queries, and group-specific monitoring are all configured through device groups.

Important: Megamon requires the default Switches device group to display specific layer 2 monitoring options and overlays that are specific to switch devices. If you rename this group you will not be able to use this layer 2 functionality.

Create a new device group

To create a new device group, navigate to SettingsDevice Groups and select Add Device Group.

Add custom icons to device groups

To add a custom icon to a device group, navigate to SettingsDevice Groups and select Manage Device Group Icons.

Custom icons are limited to a maximum height of 24px. After you have uploaded a custom icon, you can select your icon from the Group Icon dropdown menu when you add or edit a device group.

Configure default settings for devices in device groups

After you define your device groups, you can configure the default settings for devices that are assigned to these groups.

For device groups where a common SNMP community is used for the majority of devices within that group, you can set the default SNMP community for that group. For example, if you set the default SNMP community of a device group to public, any devices that get assigned to that group automatically have an SNMP community of public, which allows SNMP polls to pick up detailed information about that device.

You can also define a default tab to load when you view a device. For example, you might want to configure the Switches device group to open up on the Layer 2 tab by default or you might want the Servers group to open on the Syslog tab. 

To configure the default settings, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to SettingsDevice Groups.
  2. Select Defaults in the Actions column of the device group that you want to configure. 

Configure monitoring for devices

To configure monitoring for devices by adding them to device groups, complete the following steps:
  1. On the Megamon homepage, select the site that contains the devices that you want to monitor.
  2. On the Sites page, select the Networks tab to show a list of networks that have been defined for that site.
  3. Select Expand All - Online to display all online devices that have been discovered by the poller since the networks were added.
  4. Select Monitoring Config to display a list of devices that have been discovered by the poller. If you have just added a network and no devices are listed, you can initiate a poll of that network by selecting Poll Now. You can assign devices to a particular group in two ways:
    • To add multiple devices to the same device group, complete the following steps:
      1. Use the checkbox to the left of each device row to select the devices that belong to the same group.
      2. Select a device group from the Add to device group: dropdown within the Actions section at the top of the page.
      3. Select Update.
    • To update each device individually, select the device group from the drop-down menu in the Monitoring Profile column of the table, then click outside of the dropdown menu to save any changes.