Configure domain names


Most organisations have internal domain names and external domain names that are associated through DNS or device configuration to IP addresses. When Megamon finds a device and resolves it, the fully qualified domain name can be long and hard to read when displayed in Megamon. To simplify the display to just the device hostnames, you can define domains to strip from the fully qualified hostnames.

Add a domain name

To add a domain name, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to SettingsMegamon.
  2. Select the Domains tab. 
  3. Select Add Domain.

Recommendation: Specify the longest domains first; otherwise, the first partial match will strip the domain. For example, if your device resolves to "" and you supply the domain "internal" first, all references of this server will be "" throughout Megamon. Instead, supply "company.internal” first so that the server is displayed as "server01".