Organise networks into geographical locations


Megamon labels geographic locations as "Sites". These locations can be interconnected or stand-alone. For example, a site could be the physical location of some of your hardware such as a data centre with switches, Linux servers, and firewalls.
You can record the following site-specific details in Megamon:
  • Address
  • State
  • Primary carrier
  • Primary line details
  • Backup carrier and details
  • PSTN numbers
  • The names of site managers

You can also add links to site diagrams or photos.

Recommendation: If you have networks that span multiple sites, create a single site for these networks. For example, you might create a site called "Layer 2 Stretched Networks". For more information about grouping cross-site networks using sites, see the section about defining networks.

Create a new site

To create a new site, navigate to SettingsSites, then select Add Site.