Step 10 - Devices

Set up device monitoring and management


After a device has been discovered and bound to a device group, you can select individual components of that device to monitor, create graphs, and monitor interfaces.

You can navigate to a device in several different ways within Megamon:

  • Navigate to Networks using the main menu at the top-left of every page. Select View for the network that contains devices you want to view, then select the Discovered Devices tab.
  • On the Megamon homepage, select the site that contains the network with the devices that you want to view, then select the Networks tab. You can either view the network or select the device itself. You can filter the results by selecting either Expand All – Online or Expand All - Monitored
  • Enter the partial or full IP address or hostname in the search bar in the top-right of any screen.

Recommendation: If you are configuring devices for the first time, use the first option above so you can use the breadcrumbs to navigate back to the network from the device pages.

Edit a device

To customise how a device behaves, navigate to the device page and select Edit.

Important: Custom settings that you set on the device page override any monitored group settings such as for SNMP polling, alerting, monitoring, or SNMP community.