Using Physical and Virtual Topology to Troubleshoot Issues

Using Physical and Virtual Topology to Troubleshoot Issues

A key feature of Megamon is the connection between the physical geographic location of a network device and its place in the virtual world of the network. Megamon connects the nodes of a network to their physical geographic location, which makes it easier to know whether outages are location-based or network-based. For example, if a group of devices unexpectedly go down, if they’re all in the same physical location but on different networks, the outage is likely due to power loss or some other physical issue. On the other hand, if the devices were all on the same network but located around the world, the outage would likely be due to an attack or some other network-based issue.

The physical world

The Site Map

The physical geographic locations are mapped on the home page, the site page, and on the device page. You can use the map on the homepage to get a bird’s eye view of your entire network and quickly see the health of each location.


A Site Overview

When you select one of the locations, the Overview tab of the Site page displays not only the physical location, but also lists the devices and types of devices that are physically located at this site.


A Site's Networks

The physical and virtual connection of Megamon is highlighted on the Networks tab of the Site page, which lists all of the networks that have devices located at this site.


The virtual world

The Networks

You can also start from a virtual perspective on the Networks page. Right away, you can see the physical location where a network is hosted. 


A Network Overview

When you choose one of the networks, the Overview tab of the Network page displays a virtual representation of the network. 


Discovered Devices

But then when you look at the Discovered Devices tab of the Network page, Megamon displays the physical MAC address of each device. 

Networks don’t exist solely in a physical or virtual world, so it’s important that your network monitoring software doesn’t monitor just one or the other. Megamon integrates the two, so you’re always aware of what’s going on in your entire network.