Megamon 2.6 Released

Megamon 2.6 Released

Megamon 2.6 is now available for download to existing users. You can upgrade to 2.6 today and get access to new features immediately. We’ve been working long and hard to bring you this latest update and we’re really happy with the result—and we hope you will be, too!

For those of you who have used Megamon in the past, you’ll probably notice straight off the bat that Megamon 2.6 has had a bit of a facelift. And while we think the new UI looks pretty darned good, the main goal was to improve your user experience and the ease of use. 

We’ve got handy shortcuts on the main page, your primary monitoring pages linked from the navigation along the top left and configuration and settings all grouped together along the top right. We’ve even put a broad status widget in the footer so you can see how everything’s doing from any page in Megamon.

But Megamon 2.6 isn’t just a pretty new face. We’ve added some key enhancements for the release that we’ll talk about in more detail in future blog posts:

Physical and virtual connection

  • Megamon connects the nodes of a network to their physical geographic location, which makes it easier to know whether issues are location-based or network-based.

Visual representations

  • Graphs and maps give you a detailed overview of your entire organisation, site, device group or network at a glance.
  • Megamon provides a visual representation of how switches are configured for monitoring, so you can easily see which ports and VLANS are monitored and whether they’re up or down.

Automation and simplification

  • Any changes made to your sites, devices and interfaces are reflected in the Megamon interface immediately.
  • Megamon automatically finds the MAC address of switches so you don’t have to spend the time tracking them down one by one.
  • Make bulk changes to a collection of devices at a site, network, or as part of a group so you don’t have to make those changes individually.


  • Organise messages and errors from the system logs (syslogs) by site, network, device group, or device, which makes it easier to see both global errors and to drill down to device-specific errors. 
  • Quickly track MAC addresses to a device or switch port to assist with troubleshooting. 


  • Megamon doesn’t require outside tools. Instead, it works off basic protocols, such as ICMP and SNMP.
  • See when pollers are running, how long they take, and whether any polling patterns emerge.


  • Customise what device metrics to poll and report. Then build customised reports.
  • Extend Megamon to suit your specific needs through custom development.


Ultimately, Megamon 2.6 is still the same Megamon you’ve come to know and love, just a little bit better. 
Megamon was built by a network administrator for network administrators. Our founder has loads of experience working in enterprise with large-scale networks, so they specifically designed Megamon for large and complex networks. Megamon 2.6 is suited to banks, retailers, fast food chains and any large enterprise that has multiple sites.
If you already have Megamon, you can upgrade to 2.6 today and get access to new features immediately.